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Project Overview

Executive Summary

The Company

Elemental Dynamics, LLC is an advanced alternative energy company based in Willoughby Ohio. Elemental Dynamics, LLC provides an advanced energy generation solution based on focused solar power to electrical energy conversion, with additional distributed energy products in the pipeline.

Mission Statement

Elemental Dynamics, LLC intends to provide the highest quality of renewable power generation available while providing the highest degree of responsible stewardship for people and planet.

Following this mission will provide the public with a low cost, effective and efficient means of home heating and power generation while avoiding the ever escalating energy prices, at the same time significantly reducing the amount of pollution and reliance on foreign oil.


 Management Team

David Allen, owner and CEO of Elemental Dynamics. David earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology (BSEET) and an Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) from Cleveland State University 30+ years in the field of engineering.

Scott Szewcyk COO - Scott has 10+ years in manufacturing and sales of electronic products. Scott has worked in the power electronics and embedded systems market in the role of technical management, sales and production management, he is a valuable asset to Elemental Dynamics.


This product can be simply described as electrical power generation from focused solar energy. This design is considered Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), not photovoltaic (PV). This technology allows for a significantly smaller footprint than other CSP designs, this combined with a 55% higher efficiency and 20% lower cost than PV makes it the best value proposition in the solar market.

This technology has spawned three separate patents pending and multiple subordinate claims for use in derivations such as water desalination, heat battery re-constitution, atmospheric moisture extraction and simple heat exchange functionality.

Target Market

Initial sales will focus on commercial and industrial with a secondary residential market in the US. Hotels, apartment complexes and corporations typically have a significant rooftop surface area on which this system could be employed. With a growth rate in the 1st half of 2012 at 120%, it is apparent there is a significant demand. It is very difficult to obtain actual data on specific market segments but, based on a one-to-one comparison with PV, the market exceeds $1B.

With many states providing paybacks in the forms of Netmetering and subsidies which could pay as much as half the cost of the system, it is easy to see that the return on investment quick and with the longevity, earnings will be plentiful.




The Solar Concentrator is a hybrid direct focusing, tracking technology combined with the added advantage of evacuated tube static absorption. The system works by focusing solar energy onto a concentrated area referred to as a target. As the target is heated by the sun, fluid is flowed through the target at which point the fluid absorbs the heat. As the added heat is absorbed into the preheated water from the previous target, the temperature of the fluid will continue to rise based on the number of targets placed in series. The ultimate output of the system can be hot water for general use or steam generated to power a steam driven electrical generator. The primary focus of this project is the later. With enough targets configured into the proper size array, water can be turned into steam. The steam will then be passed through a steam turbine/generator to produce electrical energy.

Market Characteristics

Unmet Need

The US currently imports over 58% of our oil supply, much of which is used for heating oil. This is a staggering figure with a significant impact on our economy. Add to that figure, the average US resident's electric bill is $1200 a year, the need for inexpensive, efficient, and sustainable solutions to our energy needs continues to grow.


The Elemental Dynamics, LLC Solar Concentrator was designed to take into account several principles of thermal dynamics thus increasing efficiency, while at the same time utilizing many off the shelf components in order to keep costs affordable. This technologies modular design makes it incredibly versatile. This distributed power generation methodology allows individuals to manage their own power generation, consumption and subsequent sale of unused energy back to the power companies.

Definition Market Status

Since 2000, the solar market has grown over 1,500% and is expected to grow another 347% by 20151. From the indication of the Solar Energy Report, residential solar markets at $2.5 billion in 2007 are anticipated to reach $39.3 billion units in 2014. Solar energy will dominate wind, geothermal and nuclear solutions.2

Main Competitor

The initial intent of the Elemental Dynamics, LLC Solar Concentrator is to provide low cost power to residential home owners. With this premise in mind it is easy to see that most other technologies are not appropriate for small scale installations, aside from PV and parabolic dish technology. Although parabolic dish technology may provide a comparable power output from the same solar impingement area, it is not being considered due to its somewhat obtrusive appearance, cost of ownership and overall land usage footprint.

Graph 2

Target Market Segment Strategy

The first phase of market segmentation will focus on smaller installations in Arizona and Nevada. After several residential installations have been performed and feedback from the customer base has been established, a secondary rollout to a slightly larger geographical sector will be initiated. Hotels, schools and industrial installations are a primary customer base to focus on in the second phase of the rollout. One signed contract from a hotel chain would be an ideal form to secure required revenue for future growth. The behavior based market segmentation is already primed for 'Green' technology; with government incentives in place the market is ready to embrace a cost effective, efficient form of alternative energy.


Financial View

After several years of development using off the shelf components and personal investments in excess of $5,000, a realization occurred. It was determined that incorporating a proprietary lens technology which allowed several other principles of thermal dynamics to be leveraged, a Pioneering  technology was developed. Patents were developed, an SBA loan application was filed and grant funding was identified.

The next stage of this product is crucial, pay for services to design the lens, design the mould and produce the first 48 units to create a full size system for testing and design evaluation. This is where the need for add on investment is required.

Additional Funding

The Big Picture - It is the sincere intent of elemental Dynamics to develop this Game Changing technology to benefit in the struggle achieve independence from foreign oil and to alleviate the growing requirement for global power provided my fossil and nuclear fuels.

What is Elemental Dynamics Local Impact - A solar power to electrical energy conversion system designed, developed, and manufactured in the Northeastern Ohio area would truly make people take notice. A new manufacturing company in Lake County could employ up to 20 people locally and countless people across the US as system installers in the next couple of years. Elemental Dynamics intends to use as many local businesses as possible which will further stimulate to local economy.


 *Additional Information on PDF