About Elememtal Dynamics

David Allen

Elemental Dynamics, LLC is owned and operated by David Allen. David earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology (BSEET) and an Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) from Cleveland State University. David has been actively employed in the field of Engineering for over 30 years and has operated Wired Incorporated, an electrical engineering sub-contract firm for 17 years. David holds patents on specialized sensor technology used in the medical device industry and has studied Patent Law. David has presented at numerous speaking engagements and is a respected member of the engineering community.

Scott Szewcyk

Scott Szewcyk COO, Scott has 10+ years in manufacturing and sales of electronic products. Scott has worked in the power electronics and embedded systems market in the role of technical management, sales and production management, he is a valuable asset to Elemental Dynamics, LLC. Scott has been a valuable part of the development team for over 15 years.